Free Diagnosis and estimate
Computer troubleshooting/repair/upgrading
Virus removal/Spyware removal
PCs and iMacs troubleshooting/repair/upgrading
Servers(Windows, iMac, Linux, FreeBSD) troubleshooting/repair
Laptops trouble shooting/ upgrading/ repair(hardware, software)
iPhones/PDAs/GPS setup/software install,troubleshooting
Data restoration for crashed computer (NO charge if unsuccessful)
Playstation 3 Yellow light dead, Fan mod, Xbox 360 Red ring dead repair, Big Screen TV repair.
45 Days Warranty for System/Software installation & Virus/Spyware removal
Need in home service? just call in setup an appointment.

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Southeastern Wisconsin: Milwaukee, West Allis,Waukesha,Greenfield,
Greendale,Franklin,South Milwaukee,Cudahy,Oak Creek, Racine and all counties close to Milwaukee.

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12 years experience on networking and computers(Since 1995)
MCSE since 2000

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